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Come dance with JOSF

Dancing JOSF


Download and start dancing

Great! You want to start using JOSF and get it for a spin. Now it's up to you which functionalities you want.

Intuitivity for testers

As a tester you can use JOSF intuitively. Just a couple of clicks and it's ready to dance with you. We've packaged JOSF in a complete suite for you to download.

Portability for progammers

As a developer you ofcourse want to learn JOSF your dancing routines. And as we are developers ourselves, we can only agree with you. So we also have a download of just the core so that you can plug your dances into JOSF and make it dance just as nifty as you want

Will you come and dance?

Are you curious and wanna take a dance with JOSF to see what it can do for you? To only thing you have to do is fill out the form below. After this you can download JOSF without any costs and use it without limitations. Do you need dancing lessons? We've created a support page where you can get the needed support!


Please view, print or save the documents linked below. By clicking the download button you agree and consent to the Valori Agreement . The Valori Agreement JOSF informs you in detail of your rights and obligations when using the JOSF.