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Easy to define, easy to expand

Based on Gherkin, it is possible to easily define your tests. And you can expand JOSF with your own keywords, should you miss anything.

JOSF for Agile teams

JOSF's core is setup so that you can use the way you want. Do you want to use it by yourself? Done! Are you part of a team and will you use it with more than 1 person, also supported! JOSF can be the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to your test automation.

Continuous improvement

We're constantly improving JOSF based on insights and feedback from our users. You're more than welcome to share your ideas for our roadmap. Please follow our Slack channel for support and feedback.

Download JOSF for Free

JOSF Support

With a little help anyone can automate tests!


Our tutorials explain how to install and setup JOSF.


If you have more questions after reading the tutorials, you can join the Slack workplace. Please fill in the form below and choose option "Add me to Slack". We'll send you an invite as soon as possible.

Premium support

If you want guaranteed and quick support for bug fixes or to help you implement, you can purchase a premium support package. Contact our sales through the form below, select the option "Support me" and we'll get in touch with you!

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