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2 days
Target audience:
CSA certified and / or at least 3 years of relevant test automation experience on Pega
to be determined

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Course Outline


Day 1

DevOps for Pega applications

  • DevOps basics
    • Overview of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
    • Approaches to putting together a DevOps pipeline for Pega applications
  • Overview of Deployment Manager
    • Benefits of Deployment Manager
    • Overview of its capabilities
  • Setting up a continuous integration practice for Pega applications
    • Rule branch and merge capabilities
    • How to use release toggles
    • Measuring quality and doing reviews of branch changes
    • Using gated merge to ensure quality using Deployment Manager
  • Continuous Delivery best practices
    • Leveraging an artifact repository 
    • Versioning best practices
    • Deployment best practices
    • Managing schema, hotfixes and other changes in a pipeline
  • Adopting automated tests to accelerate DevOps pipeline
    • Overview of the testing features of the Pega platform
    • Effective strategies for running tests in the DevOps pipeline

Day 2

Structure the day around the test pyramid

  • Basics of testing
    • Overview of testing for Pega applications   
    • Test Pyramid
  • PegaUnit overview
    • Advanced PegaUnit techniques
    • Test Suites
    • Best practices with PegaUnit
  • API Testing 
    • What is an API
    • How to invoke an API (GET/POST/PUT)
    • Overview of JSON structure
    • How to test end to end using APIs
    • How to sequence API calls to complete processing of a case for a test case
    • Benefits of creating specific API just for testing (good techniques)
    • Create custom functionality needed for testing and invoke through APIs
  • UI regression testing
    • Target your tests: Use API to progress to UI and execute your UI-specific test
    • Techniques for testing UI
This should be required content for SSA and LSA curriculum (with hearty agreement from the rest of the group)

Great starting point for any client doing DevOps in Pega


These companies followed this bootcamp

Pega - Vivat
Pega - ING
Pega Rabobank
Pega - Stater
Pega - Achmea
Pega - Volksbank

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