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Valori Tosca Accelerator Package for OutSystems

Speed up your test case design and automation using a set of standard modules provided in the Valori Accelerator pack for OutSystems. The main contents for this release are:
  • Reusable Test Step Blocks for the most common OutSystems objects
  • BDD examples and framework from the OutSystems Forge
  • .dll file to pick up default names from the platform

Check our Accelerator

The objects selected for the first release (february 2019), are:

  1. Buttons
    1. Click Identified Button
    2. Click Identified Button (if multiple on page)
  2. Feedback Messages
    1. General Feedback Message – Error
    2. General Feedback Message – Success
    3. General Feedback Message – Warning
  3. Forms rtsb
    1. Input Identified Address Form
    2. Set Form Module Identifiers
  4. Open Webpage
    1. Open Webpage
    2. Kill All Browsers
  5. Login
    1. Login Set Input Values
    2. Login Set Module Identifiers
  6. Logout
    1. Logout
    2. Logout Module Identifiers
  7. Tables
    1. Table – Initial
    2. Table – Initial for Buffer
    3. Table – Extra Rows
    4. Table – Extra Rows for Buffer
  8. BDD Example
    1. Using the BDD Framework from the OutSystems Forge
    2. BDD Example for stucturing your Test Cases